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The digital divide is the gap between those individuals and communities that have, and do not have, access to the information technologies that are transforming our lives. The divide unfortunately aligns with economic, racial and ethnic parameters. On the up side I read a piece today about government plans, and I think they may be on to something.

The FCC is eyeing Internet-based television services, delivered via open-source set-top boxes as a potential avenue to bridge the digital divide and provide universal broadband access.

“Computers may be in 74% of American homes, but televisions are in 99% of homes. Clearly, if your television offered a way to easily switch over to the Internet, we would be providing a way for all Americans to get online,” said FCC Senior Counselor Colin Crowell.

You can read the article that sparked me from the Chicago Tribune.


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People of the Interweb, today we have done something extraordinarily special.  We have shown the world that the new way is here, it’s present and it’s ready to explore…   -Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher joined a race to outrun CNN to reach 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, and he won. Early in the morning on April 17, 2009, Ashton tweeted “Victory is ours!” meaning that he managed to get one million followers before CNN. Although CNN now has more than one million followers, Kutcher’s Aplusk was the first to get there.

Twitter cannot be more popular than this as everybody wants more followers. Today Oprah will post her first tweet live on TV, and the world will go crazy about Twitter.

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The Arizona State University is  being granted the honor of having Barack Obama, the president of the United States, give its commencement address, and has decided not to award President Obama an honorary degree, as is the tradition for graduation day speakers.

ASU Media Relations Director Sharon Keeler says, unlike other universities, the processes for selecting commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients are independent. She says that honorary degrees are given “for an achievement of eminence” and that Obama was not considered for an honorary degree because his body of achievements, at this time, does not fit within that criteria.

So are we to understand that getting elected president of the United States, not to mention the first African-American president, is NOT “an achievement of eminence”.

Are you kidding ASU?

After all, as the Phoenix-area’s East Valley Tribune editorialized:

Barry Goldwater received his honorary degree in May 1961, three years before his Republican nomination for president and only eight years into his three decades as a U.S. senator. Sandra Day O’Connor was similarly recognized just three years in her 25 years on the U.S. Supreme Court.

This just smells bad. Especially mixed in with the garbage from two decades ago, when Arizona refused to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a federal holiday. Put’s me in mind of that annoying garbage bag commercial:


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