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Forbes magazine has declared Texas as the most valuable college football team.

They quantified what we all suspected, valuing the Longhorn football team at $119 million, with an estimated profit last year of $59 million.

The most valuable teams include the obvious suspects: Notre Dame, Penn State, Nebraska, Alabama and Florida.

That is a lot of money and I don’t begrudge the schools for going after it. But, even though I understand the value of a college education, the players are not getting a fair shake or share.


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“I’ve been everywhere man…” In one of my sleepless nights I pulled together a montage of license plates that sort of tell my life story. It is not museum quality, but I like it and thought I might share it (it’s at the top of the page).
Two countries and seven states are represented, with Maryland doing the heavy lifting with six offerings.

Those of you who think you know me, get back to me with the significance of each tag.

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