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Boys & Cars What Should They Know?

The first knowledge/skill category in the Heinlein Maneuver program is the automobile.

Midway through the 20th century, cars became a central feature of life for young people. The automobile provides mobility, status, challenge, and social freedom. Nearly every aspect of our lives has developed around this technology. Without a drastic change in our thinking the automobile will continue to dominate our lives. The Heinlein Maneuver would be remiss, if it did not prepare its charges for their lifelong relationship with the automobile.

Basic Knowledge of Automotive Systems & Technology. This is geared towards answering the question, “How does my car work?” This knowledge should include basic understanding of: Engine, Cooling System, Charging System, Ignition System, Automatic Transmissions, Brakes, Wheel Alignment, Hybrid Power Systems, Dashboard Gauges, Air Conditioner, Electrical Systems, Fuel System, Emissions System, Battery, Starting System, On Board Diagnostics, and Timing Belt.

Driver’s Education. Everyone should know how to drive and the rules of the road. This is the kind of knowledge and skills acquired in a good Driver’s Education course.

Specialty/Emergency Driving. Driving a manual transmission vehicle. Maneuvering a car out of a skid. Getting a car unstuck. Pulling and backing up a trailer.

Preventive Maintenance. In its simplest form, preventive maintenance can be reading and following the service schedule in the automobile manual. A Heinlein Maneuver preventive maintenance program will include the ability to:

  • Perform non-destructive testing
  • Perform periodic inspection
  • Schedule preplanned activities and maintenance to correct deficiencies found through testing or inspections.

Emergency Repair. Change a flat. Jump Start a car.

That should get a young man started tooling around as well as provide the ability to speak knowledgeably to a repair professional.

What do you think? Enough or too much? What needs to be added?


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There has been a recent spate of things written here, there and everywhere about real boys and real men. It is a reaction to the feminization of the male that has infected American culture. These days boys are to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and drugged into stupor and men are to be taught to cry in public at the whim of any female. Violence of any kind is to be roundly condemned and we are told that the only thing worth studying in college is Peace Studies with a minor in Lesbian Poetry.

Real men—military guys, cowboys, meat eaters, gun owners and whiskey drinkers—are to be substituted with metrosexual-men—queer eyes for straight guys, public pouters, vegetarians, Chablis drinkers, lisping and swishy sorts and Oprah watchers. READ FULL POST

From the Blog: The Return of Scipio

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This task seems to make everyone’s list of essential skills. It is one that most guys go through great lengths to avoid. My wife on the other hand states that she loves “changing infant’s poopy diapers”. Whether you love it or try to avoid it, you better know how to do it.

My GOTO site, About.com offers some advice in the article How to Change a Diaper, while BabyCenter.com‘s Diapering Guide provides step-by-step instructions with pictures!

My favorite is A Diaper Changing Primer for New Fathers by Ron Harper. Harper approaches it from a man’s perspective and keeps it light.

Explore and get this one under your belt.

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